Trance Academy presents Marc van Gale

Trance Academy presents Marc van Gale

Marc, you have quite a productive year behind you. Where do you find the time and inspiration for so many cool tracks?

Oh yes, 2017 was a productive year. I’m in the lucky position to have a lot of people behind me who support me and give me the freedom to do what I love. It took quite a long time for me after my illness to start again and believing in myself. My laptop is always with me and every event is something special for me. The tour life inspires me a lot. Every single memory of an event where I have played is turning into melodies and grooves somehow, it’s like a movie’d start in my mind. I totally missed the tour life when I was sick.

I had a lot to learn about myself and finding inner peace in the last couple of years. I go to the sauna and spa really often these days, just to relax and calm down. I always try to set my mind free to live in the moment. I have a strong girlfriend on my side, my mother and my friends are giving me a huge amount of energy aswell. For example Marco from the marsheproductions management is doing a great job to keep my back free for the more important things.

And how 2017 ended, 2018 begins 🙂 A couple of releases are already waiting. My new EP got released 3 weeks ago.

Was the release on Coldharbour a highlight or do you have another personal favorite that stands out?

My first release on Coldharbour together with Ronski Speed was a pure highlight. But every single track that gets released is a highlight for me. With every single released you spread your reach in the scene. Your fans are looking forward to more releases and you can grow a bigger fanbase. And every Track has it’s own story behind.

You also did several collabs, who is a producer you have learnt a lot from and what?

In life you never stop learning. Every producer has his own workflow and style. Since I was a teacher back in 2008 I have learned a lot from everyone whom I worked with. When you work on a collaboration it just needs to fit. Loco In Acapulco, for example, was finished in only one night. It just worked, the minds were totally connected and it was (and still is) so much fun to work with Ronski Speed.

And this is looking like a busy schedule, because after Trance Academy you have to fly to Berlin for your second gig that weekend? Can you tell us something about that?

In Berlin an exclusive Party is waiting for me, access with invitation only. No Advertising, nothing public. But that’s what I also like, not just having regular gigs but also supporting gigs in the Trance scene.

After Berlin a few more Events will wait for me. I will be again in Czech Republic, I will be in Germany, I will return to Dubai for a couple of Events and other Countries are waiting.

And last but not least, any good tips for aspiring DJ/Producers?

Do it with passion or leave it. Be yourself, never forget your roots and where you come from. Be curious, ask, learn, do it. Be honest to yourself and to others. Use every single moment to make it unique and use all this energy.


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