A DJ nowadays: An allround Entertainment company

That DJ’ing isn’t only about spinning some records nowadays shouldn’t be news to you. You have to be an allround entertainment company, producing new tracks, stay in touch with your fanbase online and have a marketing plan. Most of you are well known with the producing side and maybe also the DJ’ing, but what about […]

How to submit your demo

So you’ve finished your first tune and want to send it to a recordlabel? Here are some useful tips from Armada Music you should read first ! Read the full article at the Armada blog ! Amsterdam Dance Event 2016 is about to hit and this is the perfect opportunity for you to Get signed to […]

Vorwerk Tip of the week

Vorwerk Tip of the week Every week the godfather of ghostproductions Maarten Vorwerk shares usefull tips about his productionprocess! This week he wrote the following about “Grouping” Grouping Grouping is when you send several tracks to one Bus (channel, fader). This can come in handy for a lot of purposes. For instance: – Putting a […]