Full Throttle: EJ

This mysterious DJ represents the Formula E and just released a new mixcompilation. Playing all around the world for millions of Formula fans it is time to see if we can reveal a little bit of this mystery…

Some say he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves. All we know is he’s called EJ

Who is the man behind the mask? A relation of the Stig? 😉

Haha! A lot of people ask that, and the answer is no. I once got referred to as the bastard child of Deadmou5 and Daft Punk. I thought, you know what, I’ll take that!

Did you have a DJ career under a different alias before?

I did. I was working for Ministry of Sound just under my actual name. I got to play some really cool clubs around the world such as Space Ibiza (the greatest club in the world), and festivals such as Creamfeilds, ADE and WMC.

You achieved quite a unique milestone by playing in Saudi Arabia in front of a mixed crowd of men and women. How was that? And was there a different vibe or energy released?

I was shitting myself. I really didn’t know what to play, would they dance, how would they react. I had to play slightly more commercial to what I would usually play but the crowd loved it. Doing that gig actually gave me some ideas for future releases which I have already started work on.

Are you a good driver / racer yourself?

No I am rubbish! We have a gaming arena at the races where the drivers can race the fans on our racing game. I entered into the race in Santiago last year and I think I was lapped by everyone! Even the fans!

Should we see you as ambassador / mascot (remove) of the Formula E? Or are you also operating independently?

I definitely consider myself an ambassador for Formula E but I also work independently. For Formula E I want to be able to bring a new youth audience to the championship through music, and then independently I release music and perform at clubs and festivals around the world. Formula E are very supportive in what I do though so there is always the connection there.

What are your goals & ambitions as EJ?

Headline Tomorrowland and Ultra, have at least five number 1 singles and a number 1 artist album. Not much  My big one though and what I am working on at the moment. I want to DJ in locations around the world where no one has performed before. Keep an eye out for that!

What can you tell about your new mixcompilation (remove and replace with Formula E soundtrack)? Is it the story of a race? Or a compilation of your personal favorites?

It’s a mix of both. Its what you can expect to hear me play to the races, but every track on there I love. It starts off more progressive and builds to a more trancier sound. You can expect to hear a lot more progressive stuff from me in the future. What I love though is through this album you can experience the excitement as if you were at a Formula E race. Stick on Formula E on your TV in your front room and crank up the mix on your sound system. Enjoy!

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