Pink noise mixing: Everything you need to know

If you’ve ever found yourself sitting in your chair staring at your computer wondering how you let yourself be bamboozled into mixing a track that appears to have hundreds upon hundreds of layers, you’ve come to the right place.

It happens…what you thought was going to be a quick and dirty 4 piece rock recording, snowballed into a session with extensive layering of guitars, massive vocal arrangements, overdubs out the wazoo and what seems like a million mics placed around the drum kit. When it comes down to your to mix it, extensive layering can be a tricky thing especially when all the tracks are at different volumes. Usually, the best practice is finding a core to mix to, and building all the layers upon it. Depending on your genre, most mixers tend to start with instruments like the kick and snare, or vocals, and build everything else around it.

But there is an easier way to find a more balanced mix, and it’s through the use of something called pink noise.

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