Brent Rix’ Studio Life – 001

Brent Rix is a South African DJ with support from Armin van Buuren, Sean Tyas, Paul van Dyk and many more. In this weekly Studio Life item he shares what he’s up to in the studio, gives you producer tips and opens discussions about the Studio Life!

Brent: When I use EQ to enhance certain frequencies on my audio, I tend to reach for the hardware emulations for their unique curves and saturation which they add to the sound. I must admit that I am a sucker for hardware emulations, even though I’ve not heard the originals in real life. Those fancy GUI’s can be very pleasing to the eyes and somewhat nostalgia inducing. Lately I have been using Logic Pro’s recently added vintage EQ’s, not the prettiest looking GUI’s, but they do sound great!

Do you have any favorite hardware emulations which you add to your mix?

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