Vorwerk Tip of the week

Vorwerk Tip of the week

Every week the godfather of ghostproductions Maarten Vorwerk shares usefull tips about his productionprocess! This week he wrote the following about “Grouping”


Grouping is when you send several tracks to one Bus (channel, fader).
This can come in handy for a lot of purposes. For instance:
– Putting a multitrack recording under one fader.
– If you want to use one specific effect on several tracks. For instance a sidechain plugin. Route all channels to the group and apply the effect.
– To create a better overview in your daw.
– Gain staging (from channel mix, to group mix, to masterfader)

There is one other specific use for grouping which I normally use a lot.
If you work with sounds that are similar to each other.
Like 2 or 3 basslines. Or three layers of synths or all your drums.
In that case I would mix each channel seperately so that they already sound good before sending it to a group. And then in the group I would put a compressor or similar insert to blend all the sounds a bit more together. So you get a more compact sound.

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