Trance Gems Update 18 Jan.

Hi Trancers!
Today a new update on my Spotify playlist and what shall I say…. these tunes are amazing. All three tracks have something in common: Big big melodies!

And Big melodies we like right? So I present you the following artists:

1: Sean Tyas with a great uplifter, a melodie that will get stuck in your mind forever, great track, released at VII

2: Mister Allen Watts strikes again with his brand new track (will be available later today at Beatport) A serene break with a big melodic drop, Beatport top 10 material for sure, released at Armada Music

3: Eryk Sendecki with a great tune released at Flashover Recordings really nice progression of the melody.

Don’t forget to save my playlist to your favorites by clicking the heart icon, this way you can easily find it at Spotify.

Listen the playlist here!

Enjoy the music and I wish you all a great day!
Greets Michel

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